Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Can U Move what Eyes See? pt. IV >>>>Thinglink: Electronic Literacy & Cubist Grammar

{[(^Mix: activate soundcloud + 'physics of sound' (adjust Volume) Enjoy the blend/bend^)]}

& about the Evolution of Communication . . .

It's all about involving Us in the Process of translating the Universal Language of Images, through the Power of Imaging Our Translations of Universal Experience; in a Culture where the Global is re-Localized . . .
through the Looking-glass of each individual I-Con-Text.

The Mythic Everyman 'Converging' the Artifacts & Cliches of Culture,
into Communications of Archetypal Resonance.

Re-Collecting the Electromagnetic Ecology of the World Museum-
Into Arch-A-Text-U-Are . . .

{[( Transforming MassAges into Electrick Mandalas )]}

We should all re-Jocye in this (James, that is...) because when Images & Sounds exchange their symbolic Values inside the Lens of I-Con-Texts, they become like Post-Modern Pictograms, which begin to function as PUNs.

Puns involve us in more than one Perspective Dimension @ Once.

The Eye-Me-Age is Hieroglyphic-Mosaic

& Everyman is One step closer to developing what Eyes Sea as Cubist Grammar . . .

Cubist Grammar:
     Perceived in a Mode of Focused Receptivity which synthesizes Imagination & Interpretation; synchronizing Exploration & Assimilation.  A Mode where the Aesthetic Resonances of Electrified Artifacts become Experiential Gestalts of Presence & Participation.
     In the Electronic Space of sensory immersion, all 'illuminated' content encodes layers of subtle information about the Historically Conditioned Psyche; Signaling Symbolic Significance through the characteristic Textures, Designs & Tonal Qualities informing the various Writings, Pictures, Films & Recordings we encounter.
     The {[( LOGOS )]} power of the Archetype is articulated through the Aura of an Image, where Figures & Grounds exchange Values within Temporal Topologies.
     {[( Hieroglyphic-Mosaics )]} are comprehended through the InterPlay of Pattern & Knowledge.  The charged Image-Context as an Aura, becomes a Resonant Interval of shifting configurations, where the Structure of Mind is Mirrored in Flickering Facts, unfolding through interlaced sequences of Interaction & Analysis; Integrating Analogical Intuitions Interpenetrating our Synthesized Translations.

That's the Everyman @ Every-When Mode of Multidimensional Pattern Recognition.

The leading Mode of Learning/Participation for Our Electronic Consciousness . . .
Here in the Age of Integrative Literacy.


{[( NewS Patterns are Perceived within the Changing Rhythms )]}

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can U Move what Eyes See? pt. III >>> Thinglink + ImAge= I-Con-Text as Frame & Field

Thinglink changes the function of an image.

An image now becomes a Context which supports links to other forms of Content.

Thus, the 'enriched image' embedded by new 'Points' of View, is transformed into an

An I-Con-text is the image as a platform. The image functioning as a Field of ideas & a Frame of Reference.

For the User, all cognitive connections & imaginative associations, made while moving between the layers of embedded content, are Playing within the 'Main' Frame of the Image.

Thus, the embedded Thinglink tags are Structuring the Association Tree of branching Perspectives & Novel Connections- discovered while exploring the Image.

Any & all Hyperlinking, including the total Nexus of Events & Meanings to be navigated & revealed; are Woven through the Singularity of the image as a Contextual Window.

By becoming a door into the Internet, the image functions as Icon & Backdrop, through which we surf a uniquely organized, Hyperlinked web of Associations.
An Image becomes a 'choose your own adventure' gateway.
The Key, being that no matter which chamber the Traveler enters into or which chance discovery is engaged; the Journey has been set into play & Synchronized by the Architecture of connections Embedded in the I-Con-text.

No matter how long the trip through the branching Association Tree, the 'Aura' of the Image persists.
This makes Our memory function like RAM.
As in Music, the interlinking Rhythms & Patterns become Variations on a {[(visual)]} Theme.
All Pathways & Connections are Transposed into the Key of the Context.
The image as I-Con-Text.

Modulating the movements of Mind through a Sequence of encounters within the 'Mode' of the Image, Maps the User's Awareness into a field of shifting textures- mirroring a 'Musical' exploration of Time.
The Aura of the image, becomes a 'Resonant Interval'- integrating a Fugue of perspectives & ideas.

Thus, the 'Space' of the Image, acts like an Atomic NucleUs, Around which all Electron Fields of interconnected content are 'Orbiting'.
Each Link exerts a Force, modifying the other 'Nodes' within the Field System of the image.
The I-Con-Text, as a Unifying Principle of Awareness, becomes an Imagination Vector.
A kind of Hyper-Space.

Because you can include links to Myspace, Facebook & other personal touchpoints, in effect, the ThinglinkeD I-Con-Text becomes a real-time, Micro-Websight.

The fact that an I-Con-Text is a real-time Eye-Meme, which can go viral & be tracked, means that you Upgrade your approach through Feedback.
You can even make your Image InterActive.

Learning how to play with images & learning how a message 'Plays' makes you a better Surfer, as you continue to catch the Temporal Waves of NewS- networking Phases, Trends & Fashions.
Transmitting customized Signals through the Global Tides of Current Events, while Tuning other Folks into your Frequency.

The 'Thinglink image' functions as Discovery Probe & a Radio Signal-
Broadcast into the Noosphere.
By Synchronizing with other Frequencies, other Folks might also find themselves on your Wavelength; exploring not only the Association Tree of a real-time MassAge, but moving with the Rhythms of your other Frames of Reference- such as your Websights & Blogs.

Think of it a Social Networking on a higher level of Resonance, where principles of Art & Aesthetics provide the Bandwidth. Networking Tele-Pathways through like-minded Souls.

Welcome to The 'Eye-Me-Age' . . .

Weaving the 'Arch-A-Text-U-Are' of the Web through Points of View, inside an I-Con-Text.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can U Move what Eyes See? pt. II > Thinglink: Art+Education= Electronic Literacy

Turning a Message into a Concept, allows a Trans-contextual synthesis of Ideas to become common place- Instant Messages become Interactive Fields.

Thinglink teaches us to integrate the Information Implosion with Imagination & Vision.
Linking ideas within an image gives messages a Narrative Dimension.

{[( Image as Meta-Context = MassAge as Metaphor )]}

This Expressive Potential inspires us to try & Communicate our sense of the Multidimensional, Global Culture of the 21st Century:

We start thinking like DJ's . . .
Envisioning Everyday Elements of Experience as possible material for The Art of Communication.
This new way of Connecting Content, builds Vocabularies for Organizing Ideas.

We become more Electronically Literate.

Electronic Literacy, involves learning the language of Creative Synthesis; encoding, translating & deciphering various layers of meaning, woven into the Synchronous Textures of the Mosaic Method- the defining Mode of Object Relations in the 21 Century.

Working with Thinglink, instruct us in the various Flavors of this Depth Involvement, within the Real-time experience of Instant Messaging.

As we Move with & are Moved by the 'Touching' of images, we are initiated into the charged & entangled sensitivities of Artistic Immediacy. Learning to Appreciate & Personalize the Eye-Media-Sea of the Communicating Momentum.

Thinglinking thoughts into an I-Con-Text, turns Moments into Momentum & Concepts into Gestalts, with the all the casual ease of Polite Conversation- while @ the same time, empowering Personal Creativity.

Within the Cyber-Netted, Satellite Relay, Station-to-Station, Cell-Matrix of Electronic Culture; Our Minds are being re-Patterned to reflect the Connectionist Architecture of cascading Thought-flows & Moving Pictures . . .

Inside this Ecology of Mind, Thinglink becomes an Educational Tool.

By Arranging ElectricK elements into a Field of Meaning, we creatively Assimilate Our Experiences through Modes of Inspiration . . .

{[(^ Mix: activate all three turntable tags together ^)]}

Inspiration as In-Formation= Influencing Learning through the Power of I-Con-Texts:

In a Creative mode of Awareness, we are Receptive, Attentive & more Sensitive to the "Pattern that Connects".
Creative Vision acts as a Cognitive Attractor, generating Coherency & sharpening Focus. A Dynamic & inspired state of Mind which Harmonizes Intuitions & Insights.

{[( Perceiving New Patterns Changes Our Rhythms )]}

Navigating an infinite Ocean of Knowledge & Data, the journey is Significant if we can Learn the Art of Organizing what we Discover. Information has Meaning only if we can provide a Living Context for creative or practical use. Creativity is the primary Mode of experience wherein we Learn how to Discover & Discover how to Learn.

{[( New Rhythms Change Our Perception of Pattern )]}

Inspiration is a force which synchronizes the Resonant Space of Our Imagination with the Atmosphere of Our Time(S). This calibrated sensitivity, Tunes us into the Extended Back-Round of {[( NoW )]}. The Comprehensive 'Canvas of Current Events' upon which Our Image will be Figured against.

{[( Rhythms of NewS inform Our Perception of Changing Patterns )]}

In turning I-Con-Texts into personalized Gestalts, we Configure our Content by re-Figuring the EnvironMental Ground. Calculating the 'Net Effects' of our Stylized Expressions. Apprehending the Ecology of Current Events as a vital factor in the Art of our Instant Message.

{[( Our NewS Perceptions are Patterned into the Changing Rhythms )]}

As we fashion our constellations of perspectives into image-fields, within the shortest & simplest of exchanges, we all becomes pioneers in the Art of Electronic Communication.

Myspace, Facebook & Blogspots, are converted into Central Publishing Workshops & Relay Stations, for the propagation of personalized Memes. Eye-Me-Age design studios, where Everyman is empowered as an Artist/Activist- crafting Real-Time, I-Con-Texts.
Setting them Out to Sail Upon the Ocean of the Noosphere . . .

{[( We Patten Perceptions by Changing the Rhythm of NewS )]}

" . . . Receive & Transmit . . . Receive & Transmit . . . "

{[( NewS Rhythms Change, When we're Perceiving Patterns )]}

Can U Move what Eyes See? Thinglink- Evolution of the Eye-Me-Age

Talk about perception management!

It seems that while no one was looking, a company called "Thinglink" moved the experience of images, into the realm of Higher Design Concept. In doing this, they are poised to make a significant contribution to the Evolution of Communication.
I know, it's a big statement, but Thinglink IS really a Big Idea.

First the basics: Thinglink turns an image or a photo into an interactive platform, by enabling "Rich Media Tags" which hyperlink contents from Youtube, Soundcloud, Wikipedia, Flicker, Spotify, Vimo- along with providing links to Twitter, Facebook & other touchpoints.

A photo now becomes a Field of Ideas. An image now becomes a New Context . . .

Now the question becomes, can you move with me through the Looking Glass . . .
& see the future of Electronic Communications?

As Marhsall McLuhan said "Culture is our Business" & Thinglink, with Media-Tech Sage, Neil Vineberg, have clicked into the world of Music-Artists, as First Class, New Media Experimenters.

Not only is this a great new tool for Artist Promotion, but it is also the perfect way to drive a Genius Idea into the hands of the inventive & creative. "Photos offer rich opportunities to engage fans in revolutionary and transforming ways". Says Vineberg, "Next to the band's music, images are one of the most important promotional assets. Thinglink makes those images 50 times more interactive & engaging".

In a real-time age of navigational tools & hyperlinks, we now have a technology which converts the image into a Meta-context- making your Messages more Dynamic & changing the Dynamics of your Messaging. Art & Advertising, Culture & Business, are now meeting at the Crossroads of Communication & Technology.

When Messages become a dynamic Meta-context; Product, Brand, Story, Idea; all exchange values equally- inside a Unified Field of Experience, being navigated by the user. Wether your Product is a Story or your Brand is an Idea, because the Image now becomes an interactive field of participation, your Message becomes a Concept.

The "Medium is the MassAge" once again.

In keeping with the highest ideals & most noble aspirations of the World Wide Web, we are in a situation where Consumers & Producers, Common Folks, Entrepreneurs & Industry Leaders; Everyman's on equal footing @ the start of the game, in a journey to help define possibilities for a new technology which communicates in the Universal Language of Images.

As D.I.Y. Artists, Social Networking Adapts, Advertisers & Musicians, all join in on this next stage of Discovery, exploring the idea of a image as a Conceptual Platform or Messaging as Meta-context; we all might start having some real fun:

We all know that Every Picture tells a story, however, we have learned as good Post-Moderns, that Her-Story might be different from History.

With Thinglink, every iconic image or current event, can now Quickly be re-Sourced, as it becomes a Subject for Deconstruction & Reinterpretation.

The 'Enriched Image' functions as a simple but potent delivery system for activating New Points of View. The Global Village enters the Editing Room, as we incorporate Fresh takes on old Stories or weave savvy insights into hot NewS items.
re-Visioning the MassAge involves us in the Relativity of Reality Creation- the light speed transmissions of image Conversions.

We can now customize the Impact intensity or rather, concentrate the Impact 'Eye-Media-Sea' of the Noetic instant- into a small & very shareable Space.

In Transforming the image into a customized 'Frame of Reference', which Vertically integrates different Horizons of meaning, we can Project a new Concept or understanding through creative Juxtaposition, where various 'Angles' are set into Play.
Like a great Photograph, the more contours within the range of focus, extending into the Vanishing Point, the greater the Sense of Depth.

Meta-context means Multiple Perspectives:

Political Satire, Direct Relevance, Poetic Justice or Ironic Spin . . . Now U can send the 'Enriched Image' Flickering through Web Streams, News Cycles & Fashion Trends; Word-Pressing Tumbling Sound-Clouds into Facebooks; or Twittering in time with the Rhythms of Collective Resonance . . .

That's perception management for the Age of Integral Consciousness, in the 21st Century of Electronic Literacy.

& in this Real-time world of information & updates, every Message as Concept, magnetizes itself as a Meme; synchronizing & sensitizing itself to the ever changing contexts of Events & Meanings, as it plays through the Broad-Bandwidths of Cultural Zeitgeist.

In fact, Thinglink includes a feature which allows you to track the # of Hits that your Message receives.
This Echolocation feature, helps keeps you in tune with those Planet Waves of Global Reverberation.

One small step for Everyman . . . closer to what William S. Burroughs called for:
"Storm the Reality Studio & retake the Universe."